Child Safety Cabinet Locks

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  • Safe and Strong - These locks are installed inside to prevent the curious children from dangers.
  • Easy to Install - They are equipped with adhesive, buckles and screws, it’s very convenient for adults to open and close.
  • No Tools Required - No need any tools to install, just a hair dryer to heat for one minute when it should be removed.
  • Keep the Original Appearance of Furnitures - These locks are invisible and operate inside, without drills and marks.
  • Various Designs - For different furnitures, we have different lock designs to fit any types.

Product description

• Well-designed for ensuring the security of your children.

• Installed inside for both beauty of the furnitures and invisibility for curious children.

• Easy to operate for opening and closing for adults.

• With related buckles for those cabinets which have no crossbeam.

• Highly cost effective because the 3M adhesive is strong and they can be used for a long time.

• Best choice for child safety locks.



1. Make sure clean and dry of the stick surface or it will lose stickiness and drop soon.

2. Hold and wait for a minute when you install the lock.

3. When you decide to remove the lock, just heat them with a hair dryer for one minute.


Package including:

10 x Safety locks 

10 x Buckles